Blue Lotus Skin Care 


My name is Tessa and I am the designer of these luxurious oils. My mission from the beginning has always been about healing women. All women should feel good in their skin. 

So many of the issues women face are due to the western diet. The emphasis on dairy, animal products, and high amounts of sugar take the body out of it's natural balance. These products are made to bring you back to center, to get you feeling better and to help you connect with your feminine center.  Use these oil blends after you make love to anoint yourself (while also deeply cleansing and calming) .

These products are made to cool, cleanse and soothe you're skin.  My journey started in essential oils because I often experienced pain and irritation after sex sometimes for days on end. After researching the healing qualities of essential oils. I formulated this line and I have found in my own use that if I use my oils after a shower regardless of the deeds the next day I am good to go!  All these oils are formulated with pure anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic essential oils.  

The lotus flower represents beauty, fertility and spirituality in the feminine form in Hinduism. This pristine flower emerges from dark and murky ponds and almost glows among the muddy waters.