Rosemary Butter

Rosemary Butter

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Rosemary Balm is our most powerful butter. Only a small amount and you'll be feeling calm, cool and more balanced. Blended with Rosemary essential oil, Palmorosa essential oil, and Calendula oil ancient oil blends used for centuries to speed healing, deeply nurture and hydrate. 

Use this balm if you tend to feel unbalanced, are prone to chafing after rigorous activity and after sexual encounters. You'll realize why faithful users keep this next to their bedside. 

After a shower apply the amount of a dried black bean into fingers. Warm into fingertips and massage into the outer vaginal and anal area. 

Available in 1 oz jar

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Ingredients: Coconut oil, Shea butter, Palmorosa essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Calendula oil & Tea tree oil.